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The Vintage Bearing Company can supply any bearing, ancient or modern, for any application, whether automotive or industrial. Try us for oil seals as well please.


We specialise in hard-to-find bearings for motorcycles, old cars and commercial vehicles. If we can't find the ball bearing or roller bearing you need, we can recondition the old one, or have a new bearing made.


Ever wondered how bearings are made? Check this video

For good old fashioned service, and a bearing supplier you can rely on for bearings common and unusual, The Vintage Bearing Company is the number one choice.


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Legal Stuff


Many of the products we supply are 'new old stock' or adapted for use, and as such carry no warranty or guarantee, and the Buyer should accept them at his own risk. We are always happy to replace or refund an item if you are not satisfied with it before fitting. We take no responsibility for the efficacy of any product shipped outside of the EU. All goods are supplied subject to our Conditions of Sale which are available on request.

  • Triumph sprung hub bearings

  • Sturmey Archer gear box bearings

  • Bugatti GP wheel bearings

Ball & Roller bearings supplied, manufactured and reconditioned - call now:

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Some of the specialist products we supply:

Keep your balls clean! Keep your new bearing clean & wrapped until you are ready to fit it. Don't drop it on a dirty bench or floor. One spec of grit will soon destroy your new bearing. And how clean is that old tub of grease? For nice clean bearings and new grease, please call


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