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The Vintage Oil Company supplies the full range of industrial lubrication products to Burton-on-Trent and Derby and the surrounding areas, including-

Hydraulic Oils


Conventional mineral hydraulic oils, HVI hydraulic oils, zinc free hydraulic oils, and fire resistant hydraulic fluids.


Machine Lubricants


Slideway oils, hydraslide oils, spindle oils, headstock and general purpose oils.


Industrial Gear oils


Mineral EP, non EP, PAO synthetic oils, and PG synthetics.


Airline and Compressor Oils


Air tool oils, mineral compressor oils, extended hour semi and fully synthetic compressor oils,

and vacuum pump oils.


Cutting Oils


Water Mix Soluble cutting fluids, a full range including traditional soluble milky white coolant, semi and fully synthetic oils, chlorine free fluids, synthetic grinding fluids, and cobalt leach free.

Biocides, system cleaners and anti foaming additives. We can also supply Rolls Royce approved coolants.


Neat Cutting Oils


A full range of neat cutting fluids for all applications including turning, milling, sawing, broaching, honing and grinding. We supply the Pennine Metacut range of neat cutting oils to suit all requirements.


Greases and Pastes


All types of grease including lithium EP grease, semi-fluid grease, bearing grease, high temperature grease,water resistant, foodsafe, and high speed grease. Copper slip, red rubber grease. Open gear compound.


Foodsafe Lubricants


Pennine Foodtech range approved and certified to USDA H1, and used across the brewery, food production and pharmaceutical industries. Foodsafe machine lubricants, compressor oils, chain and conveyor lubricant, and foodsafe greases.


Biodegradable Lubricants


Increasingly specified for Council and Utility contractors, and golf courses and recreational facilities. and the range includes hydraulic oil and chainsaw oil..

Also- Rust Preventatives, Rock Drill Oils, Quenching Oils, Oil Spill Products and Absorbents.

De-greasers, Penetrating Oils and Mould Release Agents and many other speciality lubricants..

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Industrial Lubricants & Cutting Fluids

The Vintage Oil Company can supply in various quantities from 1 litre, 5 litre and 25 litre cans, right up to 205 litre drums.


Full technical backup and advice available. Just ask.


Pennine Lubricants are formulated and blended to the highest quality in Sheffield, the home of British steel manufacturing and heavy engineering.

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